About My Tourino

We're truely dedicated to make your riding experience best.

Offering a wide range of sizes and patterns at a competitive price for professional and non-professional driving, and off-road enthusiasts likewise. Tourino bike tyres is 1st and the only one tubeless bike tyre manufacturing brand in the country. Here each and every tyres are made with superior fit for any road and weather conditions with ultimate durability, safety, firmness and precise handling.

About My Tourino
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My Tourino, Bangladesh's only ISO and IATF certified tyre manufacturer company, is here to provide you with the highest quality tyres in the local market. Our commitment to excellence and adherence to international standards have earned us these prestigious certifications. With a strong focus on safety, durability, and performance, our tyres are designed to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Rider First Mentality

Rider First Mentality

With a "Rider First" approach, we ensure that aside from promoting our products, we also add value to bikers of Bangladesh by giving out the latest tips & advices to maintain your bike better!

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